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TOPA (The Olympics & Paralympics in Action) Project

TOPA (The Olympics & Paralympics in Action) Project aims to foster friendship, spirit of encouragement and unity in diversity through learning about the Olympic & Paralympic Games, especially their values. This year’s TOPA stands as a “beacon of hope” with a special focus on wellbeing and solidarity, as students take action to encourage both each other and worldwide athletes striving to do their best in response to COVID-19.

Please join this project with Tokyo 2020 +1 (2021) in mind, at any time between Sep 2020 and June 2021, according to your academic year and class situation. New dates for Tokyo 2020 +1 Olympics: Jul 23 - Aug 08 2021 & The Paralympics: Aug 24 – Sep 05 2021. 

As participants learn about the Spirits and Values of the Olympics (Excellence, Friendship, Respect) and Paralympics (Courage, Determination, Inspiration, Equality), possibly with partner schools, they also have opportunities to explore and respond to COVID-19 in Sports, Art, Music, and Sustainability.

The final cheering posters and/or encouragement videos/presentation slides created by all participating schools will be the result of the learning, thoughts, and creative expressions of students.

TOPA Global Exhibition in June 2021:
Even though Tokyo 2020 was postponed, we gathered to celebrate the outcomes at TOPA Global Exhibition in June, 2020 in the spirit of unity in diversity. We wil...