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TOPA Project

TOPA (The Olympics & Paralympics in Action) Project aims to foster friendship, spirit of encouragement and unity in diversity through learning about the Olympic & Paralympic Games, especially their values, warmly welcoming and involving host nations with visiting athlete nations.

This time, please join this project for Tokyo2020 at any time from May 2019 to Jun 2020, according to your academic year and own class situation!
★The Tokyo2020 Olympics will be held: Jul 24 - Aug 09 2020 & The Paralympics: Aug 25 - Sep 06 2020.

The key and other possible activities have various study and artwork outcomes which can be used for each class to create a cheering poster and, if possible, an encouragement message video (within one minute) for Olympic & Paralympic participating nations and athletes to share with all the participating classes in the project forum.

For a sense of real-time live excitement, facilitators can join together all the products from all over the world as one piece of collaborative accomplishment, hold a ZOOM conference and exhibition that share the key final products for all participants to see and celebrate right before the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic & Paralympic Games!

As a starting point, this project will focus on Tokyo2020,...