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International Dinner Party

Students will make a painting of a typical dinner place-setting from their individual countries, then write something about it.

Guidelines for Painting:

*Dinner place-setting PAINTING size- ratio 2/3 for example 12 x 18 (inches or centimeters) Include utensils, drinks, etc.


* Have students paint an aerial view of a typical meal they eat on a piece of 12 x 18 (inch or cm) paper or canvas.

* Have student hand write a paragraph or two in their native language (and English, if possible) about their meal : Where did food come from? Locally grown? Imported? Processed? Traditional meal? Did you grow any of it? Grown organically? How do you know? Who did? Are they paid a fair wage?

* Photograph High Resolution both the place-setting and the hand written paragraph separately and upload to site.

* Print out your choice of artwork and writing from around the world to put on a bulletin board and share with your community/ school.