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Seven Common Objects

Explore how our culture impacts creative-problem solving and self-expression by sharing the artistic, practical, whimsical objects that we create using the same seven common objects.

Students use one or more of the 7 objects (see below) to make something artistic, practical or whimsical and create a story/explanation for their creations.

They upload photos and stories/explanations to project website for sharing.

They participate in Zoom sessions to share how they approached this challenge and to compare different facets of creativity, including how one's culture influences creative problem-solving and self-expression.

​The 7 Common Objects:

​1) a pencil or pen or straw or small stick
2) a plastic bottle of any size
3) a plastic shopping bag
4) a band made of any material
5) a paper clip
6) a sheet of paper
7) a length of tape of any material

Students may use any tool they wish to manipulate the 7 objects. These tools may not be used as raw materials and may not constitute part of the resulting creation. Details of rules: