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Folk Tales/Storytelling: Past and Present

Students will share their stories in traditional and digital forms and through live storytelling sessions, sharing pictures and videos prepared by students about folk tales.

Storytelling is an old tradition and is found in all cultures and countries. With the advancement of technology and communication tools, the ways and modes of storytelling have changed. This project aims to revive the tradition of storytelling through digital tools and connect students from different parts of the world on the project forum to share their stories, experiences and aspirations.

Students will share their stories through any digital form they wish to use (video, audio, text, or photos). They will also record their elders and community leaders telling stories and will share them on the project forum. This will help them learn and practice digital tools and media production skills and get connected with students from around the world.

Live communication is an important aspect of today’s global citizenship. Skype and other tools will be used to conduct live storytelling sessions. Another important feature of this project is inclusion of student-facilitators and student- trainers who will co-facilitate the project activities and train their peers through face to face and online training workshops. This way they will play their role as active and responsible...