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Title: Global Art: A Sense of Caring


The purpose of this project is to support youth to exchange digital photos/artwork and writing on the theme of caring.


Students in participating schools and communities write a story or a poem on his/her ideas of caring. Student then create an artwork according to the story. Students then design a class Service Learning project that demonstrates caring for others and take action to benefit the community and show how much they care about.

Students use different mediums including softwares to produce artwork on the theme of caring. Students can also take digital photographs that show what they care about and how they care for one another and other living things in their schools, families, communities and the world. Students will use these images along with text to create a PowerPoint or slide show for the story. Students share their completed projects in the project forum.


  • Hina Sadia, Pakistan
  • Alema Nasim, Pakistan



Student Age Levels

5-11 (Primary), 12-14 (Middle)


Sep 01 2018 - Jun 30 2019

Possible classroom activities

1. Students can prepare artwork with images of caring and write few lines describing their pictures.

2. Students can also prepare PowerPoint and share how they feel about others.

3. They can take photos and prepare photo essays to show how they care about each other and the world

4. Reading and class discussions on how we can be caring people in our school, families, communities and the world

5. Class Service Learning project that demonstrates caring for others and our earth.

6. Using technologies of email, websites and interactive online forums to communicate, collaborate and better understand one another’s important ideas and actions of caring.

7. Participating schools and communities do a local display of the artwork, those received from other participants as a "Global Art Show" to share their iEARN Global Art-Images of Caring Project locally.

Expected outcomes

Students write stories, create artwork and slideshows about caring and learn to express themselves through writings and drawings; Students create a website/maintain blog for their artwork and writing; A collection of Artwork/photographs will be published.

Group contributions to others and/or the planet:

Learn with/from each other how people care about each other and the world. Inspire others to be caring about people and places in the world.

Curriculum area

Creative Arts, Language Arts, Values education

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