iEARN Art Challenge 2020: Winners Announced

The winners of the iEARN Art Challenge 2020 were announced yesterday, June 1, by judges Darko Taleski (Artist, iEARN-Macedonia), Salome Tsabutashvili (Graphic Designer, iEARN-Georgia), and Yasser Alaa Mobarak (Photographer, iEARN-Egypt). The 2020 iEARN Art Challenge was an online challenge which invited iEARN members to produce photography, graphic designs or drawing that deliver a message of peace and reflect a concept or purpose of improving quality of life on the planet. We loved receiving artworks from iEARN members from across the globe!

We are excited to share with the iEARN community the names of the winners below.

Drawing/Painting: Lucy Geelen (iEARN-Netherlands) & Aksh Garg (iEARN-India)

Photography: Lubanga Hakim (iEARN-Uganda) & Mihnea Berar (iEARN-Romania)

Graphic Design: Abir Ghenaiet (iEARN-Algeria)

Congratulations to these amazing artists!



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