iEARN in Action Newsflash - February 2018

iEARN Projects and Activities

Drastic Plastics

Check out the newest iEARN project, Drastic Plastics! This project aims to reduce the consumption and waste of single use plastics and reduce its environmental impacts on the marine and freshwater environments on the planet. As part of the project, classes will conduct activities to understand the life cycles of plastics, their impact on the environment, and processes for recycling. Each participating group will organize an action that educates, informs and /or makes a change in their local community.

Global Math Project

The Global Math Project will begin the "Measuring the Earth" during the last week of February.  In this activity schools from around the world will be measuring shadows at noon during the equinox.  Replicating the famous experiment of Eratosthenes they will work together to determine the circumference of the earth.  This project is open to all - no math experience is necessary!

Talking Kites Around the World

The Talking Kites Around the World is a long-standing and much-loved project of iEARN that takes place each year on the Spring Equinox. In the Talking Kites Around the World project, youth share their hopes and dreams written as messages on kites. On the equinox, classes fly their kites and celebrate their work together. Join the project to prepare and fly your kites with the world on March 21, 2018.

Learning Circles Congratulations

The September 2017 to January 2018 Learning Circles cycle participants published their final projects as a result of their collaborative work. Congratulations to all involved in the project! All of the projects can be viewed and downloaded on the Learning Circles Finished Project Page.  

Our Footprints, Our Future (OF2) Project Completion 

Over the past 10 years, almost 600,000 youth have joined together in the iEARN project OF2 (Our Footprints, Our Future). Together they have pledged to change their lifestyles to reduce CO2 by 200,000 tons, far exceeding the project’s goal!  We say “Thanks” to the hundreds of thousands of iEARN youth who have led the world in this initiative, which has now been completed.

Resources and Opportunities

Proyectos iEARN Latina Cuadernillo

Are you looking to join projects in Spanish, Catalán and Portuguese? Check out the 2017-2018 iEARN-Latina Cuadernillo de Proyectos! This is a subset of the longer iEARN Project Book; it includes just those projects offered in Spanish, Catalán and Portuguese. This Cuadernillo gives a description in Spanish of the projects, and a general idea of the age groups participating.

International Teaching Artist Conference

Carnegie Hall, DreamYard, and Lincoln Center Education are hosting the Fourth International Teaching Artist Conference, which will take place in New York City on September 13 - 15, 2018. This conference brings together teaching artists along with other leaders from around the world to explore key issues of participatory arts practice. For more information on this year’s conference, scholarships, and how to apply, visit the ITAC website.

iEARN Videoconference Support

Are you an iEARN Project Facilitator or Teacher looking to connect with a partner via video conference? The iEARN Support Team is happy to help! We currently have a few iEARN Zoom Rooms we can schedule out as they are available for iEARN Member use. To request to use an iEARN Zoom Room, complete this form and our Support Team will gladly assist you: 

Looking for tips and guidance on using videoconferencing tools in your classroom? Check out the new iEARN Videoconferencing Guide

iEARN Events

2018 iEARN Conference and Youth Summit

Register now for the 2018 iEARN Conference and Youth Summit from July 8 - 14 in Winchester, Virginia, USA! Early bird registration rates are available for the month of February. Are you interested in presenting a talk, workshop, or poster session? The Call for Proposals is also open! Check out the conference website to learn more and/or watch the iEARN-USA team share more about this conference in this webinar recording



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