iEARN Pakistan Host Workshops and Events

Workshop on ‘Initiating iEARN Clubs in Schools’ 

Society for International Education conducted a workshop for teachers ‘Initiating iEARN Clubs in Schools’ on March 17th, 2018 . This workshop was designed for all school teachers who showed their interest in iEARN projects and wanted to establish iEARN Club in their school.

A total of 11 registered teachers from different schools of Karachi and Hyderabad attended this training at Globe- the SIE training Center.

The workshop started with an introduction to iEARN Online Projects, that are based on collaborative learning strategies, specially designed to engage students in meaningful learning opportunities. Some interesting hands on activities were planned for teachers to understand the project based learning approach that benefits students learning.  

The structured initiative of 'iEARN School Based Clubs' was shared with the participants and were asked to make a tentative plan for their schools. Participants made six months plan for conducting iEARN activities in their schools. 

This program empower s students to become part of iEARN Community and help them use technology in a purposeful way.

The participants learned ways to engage students in online learning and registered themselves with iEARN collaboration centre so that it opens doors to global collaboration.

“It is one of the highly needed clubs with some very good topics that is missing from our education system. I think we should work on it and become a part of it.” – Workshop Participant.

Professional Development Workshop on ‘Youth Volunteering and Service Learning’

Society for International Education conducted a professional development workshop on ‘Youth volunteering and service learning’ for Social Studies and Science teachers, Project Coordinators, Project Managers, and other interested participants on March 17th, 2018. A total of 9 registered teachers from different schools of Karachi attended this four-hour long training at Globe- the SIE training Center.

The workshop focused on developing service learning project plan. Participants learned about best practices of service learning and developed action based project ideas by academic subjects to implement in a meaningful way for classrooms.

The first part of the workshop session presented the basic concept, strategic planning and curriculum integration of a school wise service learning program. In the second part of workshop participants were introduced to a structured framework to support the design and preparation of service projects lead by groups of young people.

“It was a sustained learning process which provided a moral character and helped to incorporate in to curriculum learning.” – Workshop Participant

The facilitator also conducted hands on activity based sessions to take through the process of designing a service learning project from start to finish. Through this workshop teachers were able to implement one of the most rewarding and high impact efforts for their communities by involving young people in service and service-learning.

Professional Development Workshop on ‘Healthy Eating for Kids’

Society for International Education conducted a professional development workshop on ‘Healthy Eating for Kids’ on March 10, 2018.

A group of 11 teachers from different schools of Karachi attended this training at Globe- the SIE training Centre. This workshop was designed for everyone who is interested in learning about get awareness about health and fitness and how important it is to develop  healthy eating habits. The participants included Science, Social Studies, History and Health Sciences teachers of primary and secondary schools from both private and government sector. 

The workshop focused on importance of healthy eating for kids and why and how active kids learn better and achieve good academic results. During workshop, the facilitator shared health conditions in Pakistan and, deficiencies and health problems people in Pakistan face. The facilitator emphasized upon the need of health education considering it an investment in higher academic performance.

Through various hands-on activities, the participants are able to align healthy eating activities with classroom teaching with the possibility of curriculum integration and global collaboration by involving them in iEARN Online Staying Healthy Project. The workshop went well and was highly appreciated by participants.

“This workshop was worth attending. As this is a collaborative project; it will now help us to communicate with the teachers of other schools or institution globally.” – Workshop Participant.

“This workshop was worth attending. We have learned different new things that will be added in our lesson plans.” – Workshop Participant.

“It was my first experience at iEARN Pakistan. I am glad to be a part of it. I learned how to integrate the healthy food activities with curriculum and lesson plans. Interesting activities are included to enhance the concepts, it was really a good effort by facilitator with a global forum.” – Workshop Participant.



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