JEARN (iEARN-Japan) hosts 10th anniversary event in Kobe

JEARN held its 10th anniversary event, which followed its annual conference, in Kobe city on May 25th. Adolescents and grown-ups who benefited from JEARN were the featured speakers, who shared their personal experiences inspiring the participants on how they were passionate about and made their chosen careers more than just a job.

iEARN and JEARN teachers also reported about their preceding year’s activities in their respective classes.

The anniversary event began with a complementary address by Mr. Toshizo Ido, Governor of Hyogo Prefecture, who spoke about his high expectations for JEARN fostering global citizens through international/intercultural collaborative projects. Hence opening up the platform for presentations and messages by 10 students/ex-students and reports by 5 teachers.

Participants in the event learned how iEARN learning activities had contributed toward growth of children and how those children had changed through the activities. Serbia, Taiwan and Indonesia also participated in the annual conference through the TV black board conference which highlighted the global collaborations of JEARN. Looking back on the previous 10 years, all the participants thought of how they could make the most of the experiences and their role play in JEARN to make it a successful Global Collaboration center. With the motivation from successful teachers, a chance to interact with key JEARN members, and a captivating sunset dinner from JICA, it was truly a day to remember.



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