Learning Circles Celebrate January to May 2017 Project Outcomes

Congratulations to all of the participants of the January to May 2017 cycle of the iEARN Learning Circles. For this session, 92 participants were registered and participated in 10 different Circles. Participants joined from 30 countries including Moldova, Russia, India, Nepal, the U.S., Ireland, Israel, Mali, and Azerbaijan and exchanged more than 3000 messages.

Learning Circles for this cycle included Our Rivers, Our World, facilitated by Jessie Gorant from the U.S., and My City and Me, facilitated by Olga Prokhorenko from Russia. Mark Cullen and Robin Sheridan from the U.S. facilitated two sections of the popular Global Issues: Environment Circle and Wendy Jewell facilitated four My Hero Circles.

Teachers shared final projects representing the work of 45 classes from the exchange; group projects and presentations included powerpoints, websites, blogs, and many other presentations featured on the Learning Circles finished project page. Following the conclusion of the Learning Circles, teachers shared their reflections on the experience and impact on their students:

"The experience in this session of learning circles is WOW! 
All the members are so highly inter-active and the exchange of responses is not only informative but also gives an immense feeling of togetherness with school communities across the globe. Thanks a lot." - 

"We were very excited to take part in Learning Circles. As time went on, many of my students told me that what they were researching about their heroes  and this began to inspire them... the kids got more and more involved in writing their "best ever" essays. For me as an educator, it was great to see that their hard work of reading, summarizing, and writing not only advanced their English, but also added enthusiasm and inspiration to their characters." -  Monika

"We were very glad to participate in this project. Our students learned a lot of information about the culture and traditions of different countries." - Maria

Check out the project outcomes from the January to May 2017 Learning Circles on the completed project page and stay tuned to join the next round of iEARN Learning Circles. Registrations will open in August 2017 and will be announced on iearn.org and posted in the newsflash. 



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