May 2019 - iEARN Project News and Updates

iEARN Projects and Activities  

Folk Costumes around the Globe - Call for Participation

In this project, students are invited to provide pictures of folk costumes, describe their folk traditions, and upload videos with folk dances from their countries. The project is meant to give students a chance to share their folk/national costumes, traditions and dances, in order to promote their folklore and traditions. Visit the Folk Costumes around the Globe project in the iEARN Collaboration Centre and join today!

One Day in the Life - Call for Participation

One Day in the Life is a project in which students exchange photographs/images describing days in their lives, and then make cross-cultural comparisons. Students may discuss aspects of a typical day (like visiting the market or going to school) or they may document special days (like vacations, birthdays, celebrations, or holidays). Join the One Day in the Life project in the iEARN Collaboration Centre!

My Identity, Your Identity - Call for Participation

In the My Identity, Your Identity Project, students explore and research the elements that form their identities, including their cultural traditions, famous landmarks in their communities, the kinds of clothing they wear, the styles of music they listen to, and the types of food they cook/eat on special days. Participate in the My Identity, Your Identity project in the iEARN Collaboration Centre!

Resources and Opportunities

2019-2020 iEARN Project Facilitation

We are busy gearing up for the new project cycle to begin and the 2019-2020 Project Book release! Submissions for new projects and project renewals will open on June 13th. If you are interested in facilitating a new iEARN project, or you are renewing your existing project, please check out the iEARN Project Facilitator Toolkit, paying particular attention to the Facilitator Guidelines

iEARN Videoconference Support

Are you an iEARN Project Facilitator or Teacher looking to connect with a partner via video conference? The iEARN Support Team is happy to help! We currently have a few iEARN Zoom Rooms we can schedule out as they are available for iEARN Member use. To request to use an iEARN Zoom Room, complete this form and our Support Team will gladly assist you.

Looking for tips and guidance on using videoconferencing tools in your classroom? Download the iEARN Videoconferencing Guide and watch a powerful video of classrooms in Algeria and the United States connecting via video here.

Complete the 2019 iEARN Annual Educator Survey

If you have not yet completed this year’s iEARN Annual Educator Survey, please help us reach our goal of collecting feedback from as many iEARN members as possible. Please take a few minutes and click here to share your experience with iEARN this year by Friday, June 7th. Thank you for sharing your experiences and insights! Your feedback will greatly help us understand how best to support you and your students.

Grant Opportunity for Middle School Students in U.S., Canada & Mexico

Looking for ways to fund your iEARN Global Project implementation for next school year? Apply for project-based learning related to geography, physical sciences, and conservation here. The deadline is July 10, 2019.

iEARN Events

iEARN Virtual Project Exhibition Impact

The Spring 2019 iEARN Virtual Project Exhibition on May 22nd was a great success! As the infographic above shows, 35 students and 18 educators from 14 countries presented on 12 iEARN projects. There were a total of 150 people from 36 countries who attended the exhibition. We look forward to sharing highlights from the event soon, so stay tuned!

iEARN Latina Conference - July 8-10

It's not too late to register for the 4th Annual iEARN Latina Conference at the INAES (Instituto Nacional de Educación Superior)! The conference, hosted by iEARN Latina (iEARN Orillas, Fundación Evolución, IEARN Pangea, and Educadores Globales), will take place from July 8-10 in Asuncion, Paraguay. Learn more and register here.



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