Students in Tunisia and USA Connect via Skype in Future Citizen Project

On January 13, students from Ariana, Tunisia and Miami, Florida, USA connected via Skype to celebrate their participation in the iEARN Future Citizen Project, and to celebrate the year 2012 as the first year after the revolution in Tunisia.

Throughout the year, classes from Iraq, Taiwan,Tunisia, and the USA have been connecting in the Future Citizen Project, a project focusing on the rights and duties of the citizen, including tolerance and freedom, civic responsibilities and engagement. 

Students in Tunisia have recently made appointments with the Ministries of Human Rights and Education to share their needs and interests to improve the situation of young people and their communities. 

"My pupils are organizing some meetings with ministers and government officials in the next days.  Since Tunisia is in its transitional era, it seemed for them both strange and motivating. 

On the one hand, we are not accustomed to meeting the government officials as we used to have a "one way" relation seeing these people on TVs and in special occasions.  On the other hand, my pupils seem motivated to be the first to change this attitude towards government officials since they will be the first ones to meet a minister in a very civilized way hoping to discuss matters of the future citizen interests."

Nawrez Hsayri, educator, iEARN-Tunisia


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As part of the iEARN Future Citizen Project, students research laws, elections, and governmental systems in their own country, and complete a service learning project such as a voter registration drive, volunteering for a candidate, volunteering at the polls, or writing letters to, or meeting with, government officials about important community issues. Students are also encouraged to monitor the international press for reports on human rights and election results, and to create a documentary of their work in a photo journal, video tape, or multimedia presentation. This work will be shared in the forum and on a project website.



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