Two BRIDGE Workshops in Egypt

In January and February 2018, E-ERA, iEARN's Egyptian partner, conducted two BRIDGE workshops to introduce educators to the BRIDGE program and virtual exchange. The first workshop was held in Cairo from January 25-27. At this workshop, 21 educators from seven schools learned about iEARN, the Stevens Initiative, and how to prepare students for online dialogue. Then, from February 3-5 a second workshop was held in the Minia Governorate. This workshop taught five educators from two schools about project-based learning, the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and how to teach their students soft skills. Ghada, the iEARN Country Coordinator in Egypt, said the workshops were amazing because all the teachers left feeling like they had new ideas for valuable work to do with their students.

Ghada was right! After attending the workshops, the educators not only brought what they learned into their classrooms, they also took steps to continue learning themselves. They did this by joining and completing the online BRIDGE course, and by engaging their students in a project practicum.



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