Goal 9: Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure

The ninth UN Sustainable Development Goal: Industry, Innovation, & Infrastructure

From the UN:
"Investments in infrastructure – transport, irrigation, energy and information and communication technology – are crucial to achieving sustainable development and empowering communities in many countries. It has long been recognized that growth in productivity and incomes, and improvements in health and education outcomes require investment in infrastructure.

Inclusive and sustainable industrial development is the primary source of income generation, allows for rapid and sustained increases in living standards for all people, and provides the technological solutions to environmentally sound industrialization.

Technological progress is the foundation of efforts to achieve environmental objectives, such as increased resource and energy-efficiency. Without technology and innovation, industrialization will not happen, and without industrialization, development will not happen."

iEARN Projects Take Action

Join the below iEARN projects to take action towards achieving the ninth UN Sustainable Development Goal!

Famous Buildings Around the World

Join us as we study unique and important buildings across the globe! We are excited to learn about the remarkable buildings in your country. Participating classes will share photos, information, and personal connections about a significant building in their country.

As groups share information, we hope to create a dialogue with additional questions and comments. We will learn more about the world through our study of these noteworthy structures.

Find out more and join this iEARN Project at https://iearn.org/cc/space-2/group-397

Future Citizen Project

The Future Citizen project focuses on rights and duties of the citizen, tolerance and freedom, civic responsibilities and engagement. Between September and May, students will research laws, elections, and governmental systems in their own country as well as complete a service learning project such as a voter registration drive, volunteering for a candidate, volunteering at the polls, or writing letters to government officials about important community issues.

Find out more and join this iEARN Project at https://iearn.org/cc/space-2/group-86

My City and Me

This project is about cultural, social and environmental aspects of the cities we live in.

Working in the project, participants can choose any aspects of their city's life. We can share these aspects with our contemporaries around the world. Together we can think about activities which can make our lives and those of others living in our cities better.

Find out more and join this iEARN Project at https://iearn.org/cc/space-2/group-8

World We Live in/ Мир, в котором мы живем

Project participants are invited to discuss problems of their life and Sustainable Development of their regions, suggest the ways of solution of these problems. They share their thoughts, ideas with each other by answering the questions suggested during the discussion as well as by exchanging essays, and sharing pictures and photos.

Участники проекта обсуждают проблемы своей жизни, Цели устойчивого развития и возможность их достижения в своих регионах. Предлагая свои варианты, они обмениваются идеями друг с другом, обсуждают актуальные вопросы дискуссии, создают эссе, рисунки и фотографии.

Find out more and join this iEARN Project at https://iearn.org/cc/space-2/group-7

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