iEARN Project Book

Thanks to all project facilitators for your contributions to the project descriptions, and your ongoing hard work and enthusiasm, and to all the students and teachers who make these projects a success. We are excited to continue another year of global collaboration through iEARN projects!


Download the English version of the 2019-2020 iEARN Project Book.

View the Spanish version of the 2019-2020 iEARN Project Book. This is an adapted version that includes all projects conducted in Spanish. Nuevo libro de proyectos con TODOS los proyectos de iEARN LATINA y otras informaciones.

View the Traditional Chinese version of the 2019-2020 iEARN Project book. (coming soon!)

Note: Many new projects begin throughout the year, while some projects end. The iEARN Project Book includes projects active at the time of printing each September. For a complete listing of iEARN projects, visit the iEARN Collaboration Centre Project Space.


A Teacher's Guide to Online Collaboration and Global Projects is also available for download:

Download the English version of the Teacher's Guide here: iEARN Teacher's Guide [PDF, 2.05 MB]

Download the Arabic version of the Teacher's Guide here: iEARN Teacher's Guide [PDF, 2.13 MB]


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