Propose an iEARN Project or Course for Approval

Current and new iEARN project facilitators can submit a project or course for approval through the Collaboration Centre. Login to your account and follow the steps and view the video below to create a project.

Facilitators will submit both a "course" and "section" to create a new project. A "course" includes all of the project description and details. A "section" is used for each time-bound cycle of the project and includes specific dates for project activities.

Propose a Course or Project

  1. Select the "Propose a Course" tab from the main menu. Click the "Propose a Course" button and select "New Instructor Led Course" from the dropdown.
  2. Enter your project information in the available fields:
    1. Title: The Name of Your Project
    2. Description: a short paragraph describing your project
    3. Office: select "iEARN Projects"
    4. Course Provider: select "Schoology"
    5. Schoology Template: leave this field blank
    6. Credit Types: select the “credit” box and enter the number “1” under iEARN Educator
    7. Enter your Activities, Expected Outcomes, and other project information in the text fields.
    8. Notes: Do you have additional information or a URL link to a project website? Add it here in the additional notes section.
    9. Leave the last three fields alone.
  3. Select “Create Instructor Led Course”
  4. After saving your project, locate the "Manage Course Tags" link on the right side of the screen. Click the link then select the relevant subject areas, SDGs, age levels, and languages that relate to your project. Select only the options that most closely align with your project. If you do not see your language listed, please email technicalsupport @ to add a new language.
  5. Click "Save"

Add a Section

After you create your project or course, select the "New Section" option. Sections are used to designate time-bound project cycles (i.e. "August 2022 - May 2023"). If you have a very active project with 50+ classes participating, you can use sections to break your project into smaller groups (i.e. "Primary School Classes 2022 Section").

  1. Section Title: For most projects, we recommend using project dates as the section title (ex. October 2022 - January 2023).
  2. Maximum number of participants: leave at 999
  3. Start date: enter your project start date
  4. End date: enter your project end date. We recommend entering a date that is 2-3 weeks after your intended end date to give participants time to complete activities. *Note that users will not be able to search for and join your project section after the end date.*
  5. End of registration date: Set this date to match your end date above.
  6. Leave all other class time fields blank.
  7. Notes: Add a note to include the names of initial classes participating in your project section (you can use teacher or school names). This information is for review and will not be published with your section. Optionally, add any other notes or attach any files.
  8. Click “create”
  9. After saving, select the "Instructors" button to add the project facilitators. Search for your name using the "find user" tool and add yourself as an instructor. Search and add any other project facilitators. Click the "done" button once you have added all facilitators.
  10. Finally, click the "Submit for Review" button!

Your project will then be reviewed by the iEARN Projects Committee and you can track the status in the "Propose a Course" tab.

Copy Your Existing Project Section to a New Section (for project renewals)

For project renewals, facilitators can copy materials from a previous project section to a new section. All folders, discussion topics, pages and resources can be imported to a new project section. Discussion replies and participant activity from a previous project will not copy to the new project, which leaves room for new activity. To copy materials from one section to another, follow the steps and video below:

  1. Find your course to copy in Schoology.
    1. Click on the "Courses" tab, navigate to the "My Courses" link, and find the section you wish to copy.
    2. Note that you may need to click on the "Archived" tab to find your project.
  2. Save the materials to your resources.
    1. In your project section, click on the "Options" button and select "Save Course to Resources".
    2. Chose: Selection = Home, Folder = (No Folder), and Save As = Folder with Resources
    3. To view your resources, click on the "Resources" tab in the main menu. In the "Personal" and "Home" folder, you'll see your project. For more information about how to organize Resources, check out this Schoology tutorial.
  3. Copy your resources to a new section.
    1. Navigate to the "Courses" tab and select your new project section.
    2. Click the "Add Materials" button and select "Import from Resources" near the bottom of the menu.
    3. Find your project in the "Personal" and "Home" folder and click on the project name.
    4. Click to select the folders and materials you wish to move to your new project section.
    5. Click the "Import" button.



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