Run Reports on Activities in Your Country

iEARN Country Coordinators can run reports on users and activities in the Collaboration Centre by visiting the Catalogue and Management Hub (powerschool). To view reports:

1. Visit and click the login button.

2. Enter your username and password.

3. In the management hub, select the "reports" tab.

4. Click the run icon (circled below) to the left of the report name that you would like to run. The system will send you an email when your report is ready to download. Continue reading for more information about the reports.

Display of reporting dashboard panel from the Collaboration Centre.

To view the report, click the link sent to your email or click the down icon next to "cached reports" followed by the eye icon.

You can view the report in the platform or download the report as a csv. The following reports are available and will display the activities for users in your country:

1. "People: All Active Students Report" - this report displays the names, usernames, status, and affiliations of active students from your country. Note that the "district" column displays the school name while the "school" column is a combination of the teacher's last name plus the school name.

2. "People: All Teachers Report" - this report show the names, usernames, email, status, and affiliations of all teachers from your country (both active and inactive).

3. "Roster: Master Report - iEARN Projects, Participants, Countries" - this report show a list of all project and course registration for teachers in your country. It shows the teacher or student name, project registration, project name, and completion status. Note that all teachers are admin type "site administrator" (meaning they administer their students) and all students are "users" (no administration rights).



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