2010 Natural Disaster Youth Summit

Started by the iEARN-Japan (JEARN) team in 2005 following the earthquake there, the Natural Disaster Youth Summit is a year-round project that annually brings together 300 or more students from around the world to exchange information and develop natural disaster awareness raising campaigns to benefit their communities.  In August 2010, students from Taiwan, India, Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey, Romania, Macedonia, Iran, Pakistan, Jordan, Guinea, Togo, and Egypt gathered in Turkey for NDYS 2010.

View a video of the conference venue, theme and activities. Visit the conference website and see photos of the gathering.

The year-round iEARN Natural Disaster Youth Summit is a project in which students collaborate online to learn the importance of human lives and how to cope with natural disasters such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, wildfires, floods, hurricanes, landslides, tsunamis, droughts and so on through communication and collaboration with global friends.  Participants acquire the knowledge of systems of disasters and skills to reduce the future disasters.  Learn more about the year-round iEARN Natural Disaster Youth Summit Project. 



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