Professional Development

iEARN offers both face-to-face workshops and online professional development courses for educators seeking to integrate online global project work into their classrooms. Since 1988, iEARN has equipped more than 100,000 educators with the technical, collaborative and organizational skills needed to participate fully in a global, collaborative Internet-based learning environment.

iEARN Face-to-Face Professional Development Workshops

The primary focus of any iEARN workshop is on the particular curriculum and classroom context of each participating teacher, and the skills needed to engage in Internet-based collaborative learning projects, such as peer review, team-building, joining regional and international learning communities, and developing project-based curricula that integrate national educational standards. Trainers may also tackle specific organizational issues, such as computer lab scheduling.

After going through an iEARN workshop, participants return to their schools with a built-in support network -- on-going technical and staff development assistance from iEARN staff, as well as an online community of colleagues worldwide. And, since all of iEARN training materials will be available online, participants can easily return to any component of the training they may feel they need to review.

For more information about scheduling an iEARN workshop, contact your iEARN Country Program.

iEARN Online Professional Development Courses

iEARN Online Courses are designed to assist educators on how to integrate global online project work into their teaching.

A number of iEARN country programs offer online professional development opportunities for educators. While the course offerings vary, they share a common goal of supporting educators and students to use technology to enable collaborative project work.

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