New iEARN Badges to Celebrate Community Engagement

iEARN is pleased to announce new Collaboration Centre features for celebrating the work of teachers and students in the community. Now iEARN members can receive badges to recognize their efforts, engagement, and contributions to the community as they participate in online project discussions.

Teachers and students can receive the following iEARN Badges for their thoughtful and active engagement in online dialogue:

Active Participant: Thank you for your first comment in the discussion forums! iEARN recognizes you as an Active Participant. Once you post an additional 10, 100, and 500 comments, you will receive additional Active Participant badges.

Tip: Remember the iEARN Golden Rule - for every post you make in the forums, be sure to respond to at least two other participants' posts to ensure everyone gets feedback and is part of the collaboration.

Anniversary Badge: Happy Anniversary! You have been a part of the iEARN global community for 1 year. You will receive an Anniversary Badge for each additional year you are part of the iEARN global community.

As you participate in iEARN forum discussions, you can celebrate and acknowledge others’ contributions to discussion by using the iEARN Reactions. You can receive badges, based on these reactions, that recognize you as an insightful, caring, and helpful iEARN community member.

Insightful Badge: Congratulations! Other iEARN members have recognized you for writing posts that bring new information or perspectives to the discussion and increase the value of the conversation as a whole.

Caring Badge: Your fellow iEARN participants recognize you for posting comments that show care, respect and empathy for each other and the planet. Thanks for making our world and our community a better place!

Helpful Badge: Your posts show that you are supporting others in the spirit of collaboration. The iEARN community recognizes you for your helpful posts that provide support, encouragement, and constructive feedback to other students’ work.

Like Badge: Members in our community like what you have to say. Keep up the great work!

Keep an eye on your notifications to see when you receive badges for your work. Your badges will also display on your profile page.

Stay tuned for more badges from iEARN to celebrate your collaborative work!



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