Now accepting submissions for the 2011-2012 iEARN Project Book

If you've already made contacts in iEARN, have contributed regularly on the forums, and are comfortable with how projects work, you may be interested in developing your own project!  Start planning now, since we're accepting submissions until August 1st for the 2011-2012 iEARN Project Book, to be published in September.

In order to ensure that there will be activity in all projects that are published in the iEARN Project Book, we require that any new iEARN projects first recruit a group of classes (either in your region or globally) to participate before the project is launched. In addition, we ask all project facilitators to proactively engage youth in the design and facilitation of projects.

To find partners for your project, please share your project idea in the Teachers Forum or, for students, the Youth Forum.  See the iEARN Project Facilitation Guidelines for more about how to facilitate a successful project in iEARN.

Once you have found partners, fill out the template below and return it to projects [at] iearn [dot] org.

iEARN Project Template

  1. Name of Project:
  2. Brief one-sentence description of project:
  3. Full description of project:
  4. Age/level of project participants:
  5. Timetable/Schedule for the project (please provide dates):
  6. Possible project/classroom activities:
  7. Expected outcomes/products:
  8. Project contribution to others and the planet:
  9. Project language(s):
  10. Curriculum/Subject area:
  11. Names/email of initial participating groups:
  12. Name of facilitator(s):
  13. Email of facilitator(s):
  14. iEARN Forum where it will take place or is taking place (leave blank if uncertain, and you will be assigned to a forum):
  15. WWW page of project (not required):

(please note that this project template can be submitted in any language, and is available in multiple languages in the translated versions of the iEARN project book

The final deadline for submitting projects to be included in the 2011-2012 iEARN Project Book is August 1st.

Thank you to all iEARN project facilitators for your contributions to the project descriptions, and your ongoing hard work and enthusiasm, and to all the students and teachers who make the projects a success!



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