iEARN Art Challenge 2020: Call For Entries

The iEARN (International Education and Resource Network) Art Challenge is an online challenge which invites iEARN members to produce photography, graphic designs or drawing that deliver a message of peace and reflect a concept or purpose of improving quality of life on the planet.

- Photography
- Graphic Design
- Drawing/Painting

- Certificate
- Feature on iEARN International Website and Social Media
- Feature on iEARN Artist of the Week Series
- There will be 3 winners per category
- Selection of best entries will be exhibited in virtual exhibition

Darko Taleski, iEARN-Macedonia (Artist)
Salome Tsabutashvili, iEARN-Georgia (Graphic Designer)
Yasser Alaa Mobarak, iEARN-Egypt (Photographer)

For inspiration, please visit Yasser Alaa Mobarak's photography portfolio & Previous iEARN Photography and Design Challenges.

- Participation in this contest is open to all iEARN members.
- There is no age limit for participants in the iEARN Art Challenge 2020. Students, alumni and teachers are welcome to submit their work.
- Participation is free of charge.
- The Subject/Theme is open.
- Your entries should be artistic, deliver a message message of peace and reflect a concept or purpose of improving quality of life on the planet.
- Submitted entries that have previously been submitted to iEARN Photography and Design Challenge 2015 & 2016 are NOT eligible.
- By submitting your entry, you admit that you are the only and rightful owner of the entry.
*Deadline is June 1, 2020.

Submission Guidelines:
- Each participant should submit only 1 entry per category.
- File name should be Participant Name - Country - Category (Example: Yasser Alaa Mobarak – Egypt – Photography).
- Entries should be sent to [email protected].
- Submission should contain Name, Country, Age and Brief description of personal participation in iEARN.
- For photographs, graphic designs and drawings: Files must be JPEG.
- Selected media will be requested to provide high resolution versions.
*Any submission that does not respect these rules will not be considered.

If you have any question about iEARN Art Challenge 2020, please contact the challenge organizer, Yasser Alaa Mobarak, at [email protected].



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