Stories from the Classroom: Egypt

Hi! I'm Salwa Youniss. I'm an English teacher and trainer in Egypt. When I was a child, I used to have dream to be a teacher. My goal is sharing knowledge what I've gained with my students and supporting them to be improved in languages and other subjects. 

My students made great outcomes of the BRIDGE program in the classes. They collected food for social service, did their presentation and attended a local exhibition with other students in the program.   

By doing the projects, Service days, Main camping and Collecting 1000 meals, my students learned a lot about hunger in our country, Egypt and it gave them a chance to deeply understand the people who suffering in poverty. Additionally, they really enjoyed being connected with students from other countries through the video conference in terms of having conversation with English native speakers. 

In this globalized society, it is important to have technology skills to work collaboratively with others and I think it has an impact to make peaceful world. To provide students the opportunities learning with people worldwide, networking and cultural understanding are critical. I think, therefore, it is the role of global education to let our kids have meaningful experiences by collaborating activities with people from other countries. 



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