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Title: Voyage (Volunteer of Youth Age)


Voyage Project invites teachers, parents and students to develop their sense of sympathy and charity, and to serve others as volunteers for the improvement of our living environment as well as to benefit people in need.


Voyage Project (the abbreviation of “Volunteers-Of-Youth Age” Project) aims to arouse the awareness of the Youth to care for people and things all round us, such as our living environment, the orphans, the disabled students, the paralytics, and the victims of natural calamities at home and abroad. Its goal is to urge the Youth to take action and work out some ways to help the needy as volunteers. However, teachers and parents are welcome to join the Youth in this project.


  • Wu Sam, Taiwan
  • Tai-shia Bau, Taiwan



Student Age Levels

5-11 (Primary), 12-14 (Middle), 15-18 (Secondary)


Sep 01 2016 - May 31 2017

Possible classroom activities

For those who are interested in the project, it’s easy to get started by following the four phases [Think-Plan-Do-Share] of the project. By observing your surroundings, students can think about where they can contribute their power to make a difference. We suggest students involved do some research or try to find an organization, which has been concerned about the issue they care about for a while, to consult and cooperate. Then, students have to make their own plan in detail (for example: making posters to call for more volunteers or designing activities to make some improvement to the needy). They are encouraged to post their plan on the forum and discuss it with other project participants. They could even collaborate with each other by forming a team. The plan would be expected to be carried out from March to April 2016 as an echo to the annual Global Youth Service Day (GYSD). Finally, the project would be wrapped up by sharing stories of each “Voyage” plan in the form of video conference, art postcard, or handmade storybooks. For those who complete their plan and share with the others, a badge of “Voyage” project would be awarded to each participant as a sign of honor.

Expected outcomes

(1) Diary report on volunteering report (2) Photo collections on youth service (3) Art works (4) Essays (5) Reports

Group contributions to others and/or the planet:

Contribution to a better world through volunteering service relate their achievement to any of the 17 SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) set by the United Nations.

Curriculum area

Humanities and Social Science

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