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Heritage around the World/Patrimoine Mondial

Knowing and sharing your own Heritage is like an open window onto the others. We share the World Heritage. We are but one planet.

The project is open to all ages from primary to secondary school. The participants choose a topic relating to their country's Heritage and illustrate the topic through descriptions, articles, films, videos, and audio documents.

The project consists of choosing the part of your Heritage you favour. Once you have chosen the topic(s), whether it is Famous Buildings, Landscapes, Cooking, Emblematic Animals, Endangered Resources (water, forests, coastlines, Marine Reserves, Coral Reefs...) you can choose whatever activity to describe, and share your presentation. 

Previous topics included: the preservation of our oceans, rivers and access to clean water; species in danger of extinction and emblematic wild animals; traditional dishes and cooking; handicrafts, former trades, fashion and traditional clothes; educational progress and acess to education for girls; landscapes and beauties of nature (coastlines, volcanoes, deserts); and arts and religious architecture (temples in India).

You can decide to create a short video, a diaporama. Photos, personal ones are preferred, will be welcome.

People, teachers and their students, have already participated...