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Hands for Peace, Mãos para a Paz, Manos para la Paz

The main purpose of Hands for Peace is the discussion of Peace values and attitudes related with it. The project was conceived having in mind that talking about peace is never enough.

Teachers start answering the questions: “What is Peace for you? “Why it is important to talk about Peace?” Then, the teacher invites the students to research about famous peacemakers, their bios,  their main contributions to the culture of peace, which made them remarkable to humankind. As a follow up, the students are then invited to answer how they can also contribute to a peaceful world.

There is an exchange of an art panel in which students print their hands and some phrases or words related to peace values. The panel should be sent via snail mail to the partner school. There are several possibilities of art work to be produced by students, and teachers are invited to suggest others. 

The final outcome is a celebration of a Peace Day at school with all the participating students, teachers, and the school community. All artwork is displayed and students can also make speeches about their findings on the peacemakers and the relevance of their values and attitudes as inspiration to all of us.

As the plan attached shows, the project should be completed in a period of three months. The project starts in September and finishes in November. Almost 20 count...