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Healthy Generation and Traditional Cuisine

A project that encourages researching, cooking, sharing, co-operating and making friends throughout the world.

The goal of this project is to positively influence children’s food-related preference, attitudes, and behavior. Theoretical and practical acquaintance of children and youth (students) with the peculiarities of interaction between food and health, the identification of specific features of the national cuisine of the countries participating in the project and determining their impact on the character of the manifestation of the national mentality. 

Organization of educational interaction of target groups to study the features and benefits of traditional national cuisine and the cuisine of partner countries of the project, which contributes to the refusal of children and young people from fast food in favor of a healthy diet.

Proper nutrition is an important component of the development and health of the young body. The participants of the project are invited to identify their preferences in food, to show their attitude to the dishes of traditional national cuisine, to get acquainted with its useful properties and the danger of fast food. During the project, the participants of the target groups will be able to take part in exchanging information, youth surveys, co...