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#Decarbonize #Decolonize

The object of this project is that the students should be aware of the problem of Climate Change and Global Warming on our planet.

The project #Decarbonize: Decolonize was the brain child of Mr Terry Godwaldt, the Executive Director of Centre for Global Education, Edmonton, Canada. The present  project has been adapted to be used in a period of three months and the conclusions to be arrived will be used to write the report which is presente at the COP (Conference of Parties) of the UNFCC.

Each school will be paired with a partner school, with whom they will interact on the themes which will be studied in the project.

The project start asking the students to answer the following two questions: what is climate change, and how does it affect you? Once they have answer the question  they should form their opinion of climate change based on where they are and what they see around themselves, giving examples of their own context.

They should use concepts like carbon footprint, management of resources such as water, land and atmosphere,carbon cycle, resource extraction, the Sustainable Development Goal #13 and see how the footprint, power imbalances, and the effects of climate change are connected.

Choose a case of study and share your findings with your partner school, try to find the si...