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The Parlour

Small groups of students use videoconferencing or other synchronous communication software to hold informal live chats on any topic - or no topic at all!

The Parlour is a loose network of iEARN classrooms around the world scheduling and holding informal, live conversations with each other via teleconferencing software (Skype, Zoom, Imo, etc.) or other live media, involving small groups of students. Students use the Parlour to discuss topics of mutual interest, to practice speaking and communicating in a particular language, to showcase talents to an interested audience, or simply to get to know one another. This project is designed to help match partners by age, time, and interests, and to provide ideas, techniques, and “ice-breakers” to inspire rich conversations and meaningful chats. The project encourages student-driven rather than teacher-led conversations; small group -to- small group conversations rather than one-to-one or one-to-many conversations; and natural conversations over scripted conversations and stilted presentations.