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Digital StoryTelling for Exchange

Students will create 2mn video-mediated and structured stories on life experience to establish mutual understanding to strengthen tolerance, and hence minimize prejudice and bias.

The philosophy behind this is that life, experiences, experiments and inventions are just a series of dramatic arcs. The hook introduces important background information to the audience. It can be conveyed through dialogues, flashbacks, character's thoughts, background details. Introduction: Information about the setting and characters' back stories. The Rising Action: where a series of events that begin immediately after the hook. The Climax: It’s the moment when solutions are finally found to resolve the problems. The Resolution: It may contain a moment of final suspense, in which the final outcome of the conflict is in doubt. The Conclusion: constitutes the back of peace and serenity to the story and it’s the moment when things are getting normal again. The students may use pictures, recorded footage or audio streams using their digital cameras or mobiles. They then upload the videos on youtube and share the link to watch and comment.