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Day of the Dead - Traditions Around the World

This project promote the dialogue between different cultures through a collaborative research strategy to share and understand the cultural traditions around the world associated with the Day of the Dead. 

This is the website of the project.

In this project, students will carry out an oral or documentary investigation on traditions of the Day of the Dead in a specific locality or region, which allows to encourage knowledge and respect for differences between social, ethnic or linguistic groups and creating spaces for interaction and dialogue. 

The interactive components of the project promote the collaboration of students from different distant schools, to exchange similar and different educational experiences, and to increase the quality of learning. Students will have the opportunity to discuss these issues with students from other schools around the world: they will comment on what they learn in the various online forums; they will publish the learning experiences acquired with their classmates and their teachers, in a collaborative digital wall of the project to share their work and learn about similar experiences.

The project has 3 stages from October 12th - November 30th (almost 2 months of activities). The project developes just in time fir when both countries (Taiwan and México) celebrate de Day of the Dead on October 25th and November 2nd.

We hope that students enjoy learning ab...