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Students themselves become important actors in a natural landscape to promote and preserve different aspects of the ecosystems where they live.

Ecoselfie is an opportunity for the student to share and promote through pictures and photographs different ecosystems of the country or region where they live. They will identify different kinds of natural elements: climate, rivers, mountains, and volcanoes, among others. Then they will relate their Ecoselfie to topics related to different subjects: geography, biology, science, maths. The students are the ones who will evaluate the importance of the Ecoselfie. One of the purposes of this project is to identify and learn about the preservation of natural areas.

Spanish Language Description: PROYECTO "EcoSelfie": Los estudiantes son protagonistas activos en un escenario natural y único el cual trasladarán al aula al comentar sobre diferentes tipos de elementos naturales que intervienen en el EcoSelfie:  relieves, climas, volcanes y diferentes tipos de ecosistemas.   Aplica para todas las materias.

Niveles:   1ro  a   6to.  grado primaria   (7-12 años)   

Idiomas: Español e Inglés

Facilita:  Ana María González (Costa Rica), Enid Figueroa (Orillas) y Kristin...